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At Revvity, “impossible” is inspiration, and “can’t be done” is a call to action. Revvity provides health science solutions, technologies, expertise and services that deliver complete workflows from discovery to development, and diagnosis to cure. Revvity is revolutionizing what’s possible in healthcare, with specialized focus areas in translational multiomics technologies, biomarker identification, imaging, prediction, screening, detection and diagnosis, informatics and more.

Our licensed technologies include AAV development and transduction solutions from SIRION Biotech and Pin-Point base editing from Horizon Discovery - both now part of Revvity.


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Modalis Therapeutics

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Modalis Therapeutics, founded in 2016 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is a forerunner in the field of epigenetic medicine. Modalis’ proprietary CRISPR-GNDM® technology is capable of specifically modulating the expression of disease-relevant genes without introducing double-strand DNA breaks, which has been validated in disease animal models and non-human primates studies.

Specializing in genetic disorders affecting the neuromuscular and CNS regions, Modalis’s flagship program, MDL101, aims to treat LAMA2-CMD, a severe congenital form of muscular dystrophy to which no effective therapy exists




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GENIXCURE develops CARE TM, an AAV capsid engineering platform based on its machine learning engine called InsightMiner TM. The company also has its wholly owned therapeutic programs against ALS, FTD, and Lafora disease.

To the classical method of directed evolution of AAV, the company has added an AI arm by which we can find enhanced rAAV vectors in terms of transduction efficiency and de-targeting features. XOB-031, one of our own AAV vectors to CNS, has been adopted as a new cargo for GXC303(ALS) and GXC304(FTD).

Genixcure’s CARE TM is a wholly new AAV engineering platform featuring AI screening, providing unique value to sponsors developing programs in modality of AAV gene therapy.


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Vircia Biotech

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Virica develops cell enhancers that improve the yield and quality of vaccines , viral vector manufacturing, and cell and gene therapies, allowing developers to economically deploy their products at scale. Virica’s Viral Sensitizer (VSE™) platform reduces production inefficiencies caused by anti-viral defenses in manufacturing cells. Purpose formulated VSE combinations substantially increase manufacturing yields and reduce the cost of goods for a range of life-changing products, including vaccines, gene therapies, and cell therapies.



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Gene Therapy Net

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Gene Therapy Net is the information resource for basic and clinical research in gene therapy, and the site serves as a network for the exchange of gene therapy information and breaking news items. Visitors can keep track of the latest scientific papers, conference announcements, gene therapy jobs, regulations and guidelines.