Interview Pieces

 An Exclusive Interview with Nanomosaic's
Chief Executive Officer


Philippe Mourere is Chief Executive Officer at Nanomosaic, a company developing innovative tools and technologies for biomarker detection and analysis.

Read our interview to uncover recent trends in biomarker technology development in the context of gene therapies, and the latest insights into characterising and quantifying AAV capsids and transgenes.

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Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors, Lonza

 An Exclusive Interview with Lonza's
Head of Innovation


Dr. Lisa Prendergast leads innovation for Lonza’s Licensing Business Unit, supporting the growth of expression system platforms which are available through ‘Lonza in Your Lab®’ programs. She is an expert in Molecular Technologies, including vector-based gene expression systems and sequence based technologies supporting the development of complex biologicals.


Ahead of the 4th Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit (June 12-14, Boston), we sat down with Lisa to discuss key trends in viral vector production, platform approaches, and the latest research with extracellular vesicle delivery.