About Event

Industry’s Only Gene Therapy Vector Development Meeting

The 4th Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit will play host to cutting-edge talks, interactive group discussions, and expert panel discussions, leaving you with the actionable data and insights needed to increase the specificity, tissue and cell targeting, packaging capacity, and safety profiles of your vector platform.

Industry heavyweights from biopharma heavyweights such as 4D Molecular Therapeutics, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and Voyager Therapeutics will join boundary pushing groups and academics, with the likes of Avista Therapeutics, Code Biotherapeutics, and the Deverman Lab sharing brand new data and technologies for you to bring back to your team.

Keeping the finger on the pulse of novel vector development efforts, this expert hub will address the following bottlenecks facing industry in 2024:


Capsid Discovery and engineering work: improving tissue and cell targeting, evading the immune system, and exploring machine-guided design


Payload Design: levelling up cassette engineering and enabling controllable transgene expression to improve safety and expression profiles


Scalable and Cost-Effective Manufacturability: unlocking productive manufacturability downstream through smart vector development and selection upstream


Beyond AAV: leveraging translatable vector development insights from disruptive viral and non-viral delivery platforms

Immunogenicity and Toxicity Concerns: overcoming immune responses to IV-administered AAV vectors with improved capsid engineering, payload design, and tissue tropism validation efforts

Additionally, key business development leaders from industry will be joining us for facilitated networking sessions, fostering partnerships and collaborations, market intelligence, and uncovering potential new business opportunities to inform their long-term strategic decision making.

The ultimate roadmap for learning how to innovate gene therapy vector capsid and payload design, join us to supercharge your vector platform for 2024 and beyond.

Who Attends

Engage & Network with 90 Senior Industry Figures in the Gene Therapy Field

Well-established now as the industry-leading event for showcasing the latest innovation and advances in gene therapy vector development, the 4th Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion with 90+ experts at the forefront of this field.

60+ organizations joined us last year, with both technical content and business development leaders in the room from the likes of: