Harness the Next Generation of Vectors to Guarantee Targeted, Specific, Efficient & Safe Gene Delivery

The inaugural Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors meeting is dedicated to overcoming the current immunogenicity, toxicity and manufacturability challenges facing the field by pioneering the next generation of superior delivery vectors.

Industry pioneers from cutting edge biotechs and world-leading academic vectorology groups including Dyno Therapeutics, 4D Molecular Therapeutics and Generation Bio will share how ever-increasing clinical experience is guiding strategies to decrease the immunogenicity of vectors to allow durable transgene expression, engineer vectors with lower toxicity at higher doses and use innovative technologies to optimise capsid, transgene, and promoter design.

Everything in gene therapy starts with the vector, so join this definitive, niche, digital conference to delve into the details of vector design, engineering, and optimization case studies, equipping you with the insights required to deliver transformative therapeutics to patients more effectively and safely than ever before.

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"It was very informative and worked exceptionally well as a remote meeting."

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“The event was a terrific overview of the gene therapy field, and was a great opportunity to see how other organizations view and address many relevant challenges.”

Sarepta Therapeutics

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