Find & Optimize Novel Vectors to Enable Targeted Gene Delivery, Expand Packaging Capacities & Enhance Manufacturability for Safer, Cost-Effective & Translatable Delivery Platforms

Welcome to the 4th Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit

Innovating Gene Therapy Capsid & Payload Design

As the first wave of gene therapy programs continue to progress into and through the clinic, attention turns to finding and optimizing the next generation of improved vector candidates. With delivery challenges cited by many as the limiting factor for R&D progress in the field, significant investment continues to pour into improving the safety, efficacy, and predictability of delivery platforms.

In this setting, the 4th Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit is returning as the only industry-focused event covering the latest advances and innovations in vector development for gene therapies, uniting R&D and business development leaders to advance cutting-edge delivery platforms into the clinic.

60+ biopharma, service provider, and academic pioneers will be uniting to share data-driven examples of how they are improving the new wave of viral gene therapy vectors, as well as sharing highly translatable insights into the latest disruptive non-viral platforms. Attending this year will enable you to leverage the latest data and collectively brainstorm solutions to the key challenges currently facing the field, providing you with actionable insights to level up your vector platform.

If you are working towards the end goal of developing safe, predictable, cost-effective, scalable, and tissue-specific platforms that can deliver to a diverse range of cell types, join the world’s experts in Boston to keep your finger on the pulse and support your vector development efforts for 2024 and beyond.


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