Identify & Adapt Novel Gene Therapy Vector Properties to Progress Safer, Targeted and Efficacious Therapies Through the Pipeline

Welcome to the 3rd Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit

Transforming Capsid & Payload Design of Viral Gene Therapies

The gene therapy industry has continued to rapidly expand over the last year as exciting new platforms are emerging onto the space, while existing players look to advance to the next generation. Leaps and bounds have been made towards better and safer vectors in response to safety and toxicity concerns.

During this IP explosion, the 3rd Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit is set to bring together key leaders in a highly technical setting to decide the future of the industry. Shifting focus from last year, we are featuring a deeper dive into AAV vector design and the next generation vector systems competing with it.

Hear from experts across 3 days of technical panel discussions, platform showcases, case studies and seminars. Upgrade to the next generation with the only summit aimed at improving the safety, toxicity, specificity, and scalability of the current generation of gene therapy vectors.

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