Overcome First Generation Gene Therapy Vector Challenges To Guarantee Targeted, Specific, Efficient & Safe Gene Delivery

July 18-20 | BOSTON, MA

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“The next generation gene therapy vector summit provided a great overview of where we stand in terms of engineering and characterizing the next generation AAV capsids”
Christina Maat, Technician Vector Development, VectorY

“Brilliant event involving key people in next generation gene therapy delivery”
Madec Guillaume, CEO, Tyris Therapeutics

“Great speakers with cutting edge progress”
Daozhan Yu, President & Chief executive officer, AAVnerGene Inc

Harness the Next Generation of Vectors to Guarantee Targeted, Specific, Efficient & Safe Gene Delivery

The 2nd Annual Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit is dedicated to overcoming the current immunogenicity, toxicity and manufacturability challenges facing the field by pioneering the next generation of superior delivery vectors.

Industry pioneers from cutting edge biopharma and world-leading academic vectorology groups including Voyager Therapeutics, Spark Therapeutics, Dyno Therapeutics, Chameleon Biosciences, BioMarin and more will share clinically meaningful insights on how to enhance existing vectors and pioneer radical novel approaches to deliver genes more efficiently and safely.

Spanning a range of delivery approaches from cutting-edge AAV capsid optimisation, utilising lenti and other viral vectors, to innovative non-viral gene therapy approaches, this comprehensive event will enable you to reduce immunogenicity, improve tissue targeting, simplify manufacturing and enhance the safety profile of your approach.

Everything in gene therapy starts with delivery, so join this definitive, niche conference to delve into the details of vector design, engineering and optimization case studies, equipping you with the insights required to deliver transformative therapeutics to patients more effectively and safely than ever before.

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